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At Smoke & Spice Express Catering, we’ve got BBQ in our blood and catering events in our heart. And what’s on our mind? Ensuring that you get the best of what we have to offer, from food to service and beyond, every single day.


Smoke & Spice opened under the masterful hands of renowned pit master, Mark Rogers, an accomplished competitor, and the top-winning pit master in South Florida, with more than 70 BBQ awards to his credit.


After years of perfecting the most elite grilling techniques, drawing from the world’s best recipes, Mark developed a one of a kind signature flavor, all from his exquisite flair and taste for the finest in grilled cuisine and BBQ. What does that mean for you?


It means that whether you’re planning a corporate event, special event, holiday party or a wedding, Smoke & Spice Express Catering can deliver an authentic experience that is both sophisticated and unique. Choose from one of our pre-fixed menus or customize it down to the seasoning.


Our philosophy is simple – you should expect nothing but the best. Your event is important to you, so it’s important to us.




Some people work to live. Others live to work. But when cooking is your passion, it doesn’t get much better than spending your time behind a grill. Mark Rogers, founder of Smoke & Spice Express Catering, loves his work, and he participates in professionally sanctioned barbecue contests as often as he can.


Mark and his wife Ingrid have traveled throughout the region and beyond, from Miami to Kansas City, in order to compete in sanctioned regional and national barbeque contests. Among these events? The American Royal Invitational BBQ cook-off and the Jack Daniels World Championship Invitational BBQ contest. And it’s definitely paid off.


The Smoke & Spice team has won more than 70 sanctioned barbeque awards and tens of thousands of dollars in prize money. A sanctioned barbeque contest, as described by the Florida Barbecue Association, is a gathering of cook teams that are preparing specific categories of meat to be submitted for judging at an assigned time, and to be judged by persons certified by a sanctioning body to use a predetermined set of criteria to rank the products presented to them. What does that mean? Even experts agree – when it comes to BBQ catering in South Florida, Smoke & Spice Express Catering simply has no rival.

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